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About Sara

Welcome! I am a Southern California native that found my way to the Land of Enchantment six years ago, and am lucky to call this beautiful land home after completing my training all across Los Angeles, in both large birth centers and small home birth practices.  


I was welcomed into this world by a mother who chose to have a doula at a time when that was not common, and I believe that being ushered into this world by two strong matriarchs, is what would ultimately be the beginning of my calling to the honor that is birth work. When I'm not immersed in births,  I enjoy spending time with my four children, all lovingly caught by midwives, gardening wildflowers and tending to my herb beds, and playing with my small zoo that consists of one too many cats. 


At Echo of Eden, I feel that midwifery care offers a one-of-a-kind and individualized experience that prioritizes the well-being of the entire family, across the reproductive spectrum. 


I strive to make care nurturing and to encourage an atmosphere that fosters a sense of ease and assurance throughout well woman/person, preconception, pregnancy, delivery, and the  postpartum process. 

Because Sara feels that midwifery care has a positive impact on all families, including those in the LGBTQ+ community,  her team is committed to providing inclusive and affirming care to all families, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We understand that every family is unique, and we work closely with each family to ensure that their individual needs and preferences are met.

Sara Chevallier, LM

Full Spectrum Birth Care

Within the realm of my comprehensive birth services, each item represents a pivotal facet of the full spectrum care I am dedicated to delivering. These elements collectively contribute to a holistic and individualized approach, ensuring a well-rounded and supportive experience throughout the entire birthing journey.

  • Prenatal Care

  • Labor and Birth Support

  • Postpartum Care for baby and parents

  • Lactation Support 

  •  LGBTQ Sensitive Reproductive Health Counseling, STI screening, trauma informed PAPs 

  • A-La-Carte Care for those desiring or needing a hospital birth, or short term services 

  • Placenta and Doula Services 


Home Birth

Embarking on the journey of homebirth aligns with my fundamental beliefs, encapsulating a set of principles that resonate deeply with my core values. In embracing these guiding tenets, I find a profound connection to the essence of holistic and personalized birthing experiences.

  • Comfort in a Familiar Environment

  • Autonomy and Control

  • Personalized, Individualized Care

  • Reduced Medical Interventions

  • Family Involvement and Support

The Beauty of Home Birth

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